Choral Links

CPDL - The Choral Public Domain Library
The Choral Public Domain Library (CPDL) is a website which offers free choral music to anyone who is interested. Begun in December 1998, the site has over 140 contributors and 10000 scores

Tomas Luis de Victoria
This site contains any kind of information regardind this master of the renaissance music: PDF scores, biography, catalog of compositions: virtually everything about Victoria. Not to be missed. (site in spanish)

Orlando di Lasso
Another site dedicated to another master of the renaissance music: Orlando di Lasso. Well worths a visit

J. S. Bach Home Page
Complete BWV Catalogue, recomended recordings, biography, bibliography, links, portraits and any sort of information on J. S. Bach. Magnificent

J. S. Bach BWV Catalogue
Complete BWV catalogue organized in a superb way. Try it just once and you'll bookmark this site for sure

Free downloads of choral sheet music
The scores that you'll find here come from some years of work with the choirs where the site owner sing

Free downloads of public domain sheet music
All pieces listed here were already in the public domain when the Sono Bono Term Extension Act was signed into law in 1998

GMD Music Archive
This archive contains free sheet music

The Internet Center for Choral Music
Includes a repertoire database and extensive resources and links

Free Choral Music from Sheet Music Online
Many choral scores are offered by this site for free downloading

The Music Room
Concert listings in the North East of England, music links, free downloads and music shopping

MIDI for choirs
A collection of MIDI files published on non-commercial basis only to help choirists by studying their parts

Genevan psalms MIDI
Midi files of all 150 Genevan psalms and other church melodies (site in dutch)

The Silvis "Woodshed"
A collection of MIDI files and tools to help singers learn their notes

Standard MIDI files on the Net
The most complete & best maintaned list of sites with MIDI files (more than 30000 links to all kinds of music, included choral one)

MIDI Renaissance Pieces
Midis of various pieces from the european renaissance ready to be downloaded

Manfreds Notenpool
PDF choral scores available for free download (site in German)

Chorus Rehearsal
Rehearsal aids for Choirs and Choral Society singers, plus midi files and sheet music for chamber choirs

TopTempo music page for dwsolo
Some performances of early choral pieces including El Grillo, various english madrigals and much else besides

Free sacred choral music for use in Latter-day Saint (LDS) and other Christian Choirs

Choralia provides free training aids for choir members. Audio files are delivered, which can be either directly played on the PC, or recorded on CDs and listened using any audio CD player

gratemusic includes choral music, original hymns, vocal solos with piano, and others. Most of the music on this site is free, and most of it is for the general Christian market, including Latter-day Saints

LDSmusic includes choral music, original hymns, and vocal solos with piano. This music (and the site) are specifically geared toward members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Chris Morton Music
This website contains free sheet music composed by Chris Morton. You can listen to audio samples and download the manuscripts in PDF format.

Last updated on 12 February 2017