Free Choral Music Files in PDF MIDI NWC format
Traditional, Popular, Folk, Spiritual

Anonymous / Popular All through the night (Old Welsh song) PDF NWC MIDI
  Amazing Grace
(arr. M. Gardini)
  At Pierrot's door (French folk song) PDF NWC MIDI
  Auld lang syne (Scots folk melody)
(also available for piano and voice)
  Bonnie blue flag (Old Irish folk melody "The Irish jaunting car") PDF NWC MIDI
  Brightly shines a star on high (Old Rouen carol) PDF NWC MIDI
  Castanets are sounding (Spanish traditional "La cachuca") PDF NWC MIDI
  Complainte de fualdès PDF NWC MIDI
  Gideon's band PDF NWC MIDI
  Go tell it on the mountain
(arr. P. Mussino)
  God is so good
(African traditional arr. W. Firmino)
  Good night PDF NWC MIDI
  He's the lily of the valley (Slave hymn) PDF NWC MIDI
  La Guaneña (arr. J. Fajardo) PDF    MIDI
  Somebody's knockin' at your door
(Spiritual arr. G. Bottazzi)
  Were you there
(Traditional arr. I. Zuccaro)
  When the Saints go marching in
(arr. W. Firmino, M. Gardini)
Bradbury William Batchelder Marching along PDF NWC MIDI
Christy E. P. Carry me back to old Virginny PDF NWC MIDI
Dykes John Bacchus Holy, Holy, Holy PDF NWC MIDI
Fajardo Javier Canto al sur PDF MIDI
  Condor PDF
  Curillo PDF
  El carnaval PDF
  Oda a la paz PDF
  On'ta...? PDF
  Raìz americana MIDI
(instrumental: Tajumbina is part of Andean culture and is a beautiful place with an extraordinary waterfall and thermal water)
  The Cantos - Introduction PDF
  The Cantos - Canto I PDF
  The Cantos - Canto II
(beware PDF=504kB)
  The Cantos - Canto III PDF
  The Cantos - Canto IV
(beware PDF=707kB)
  The Cantos - Canto V PDF
  The Cantos - Canto VI PDF
  The Cantos - Canto VII PDF
  The Cantos - Canto VIII and Finale
(beware PDF=856kB)
Foster Stephen Collins Angelina Baker PDF NWC MIDI
  Away down Souf PDF NWC MIDI
  Dolcy Jones PDF NWC MIDI
  Dolly Day PDF NWC MIDI
  Farewell, my Lilly dear PDF NWC MIDI
  Hard times come again no more PDF NWC MIDI
  My old Kentucky home PDF NWC MIDI
  The Glendy Burke PDF NWC MIDI
Evans J. G. Belle ob Baltimore PDF NWC MIDI
Moore Thomas Oft in the stilly night PDF NWC MIDI
Nish A. Hoop De Dooden Do! PDF NWC MIDI
Power James Dearest Mae PDF NWC MIDI
Smith Samuel Francis America PDF NWC MIDI
Weber Carl Maria von Cradle song PDF NWC MIDI
Work Henry Clay Babylon is fallen PDF NWC MIDI
Winner Septimus Ellie Rhee PDF NWC MIDI

Last updated on 07 July 2019