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ISP hosting cipoo.net domain does not allow to access files with NWC extension; therefore all NWC files have been zipped in order to make them available for download with the zip extension; after downloading you have to unzip them to get the corresponding nwc file. We know that this could seem quite silly because nwc files themselves are very small in size and therefore to zip them is quite useless, but this was the only way to make them available for download.

General information for all music published here, read carefully

All scores edited by cipoo.net are distributed under the terms of the Free Art License: read it here.
Recently added scores have the above notice included at the bottom of the first page (PDF), embedded into the file (MIDI) and in the copyright fields shown by the File->Info menu (NWC). Nevertheless the license apply also for the already published files even if it is not explicitely reported into them.
All scores provided by contributors retain their original copyright (if any).
cipoo.net has been authorized to publish such scores and to distribute them for free.

Scores are generally provided as PDF document and NWC files (we use NoteWorthy Composer as notation program to write the scores you will find here). As NoteWorthy is quite diffused, we have thought to make available for download also nwc files so that NoteWorthy users will also be able to edit the downloaded scores).
In the links page is shown the link to the Noteworthy ''Scriptorium'' (a large repository of NWC files, music notation advice and auxiliary programs).

MP3s exclusively come from live or studio performances of the amatorial choirs where we used to sing and are all regarding public domain music.
Compression bit rate as been kept as low as 96kbps but you should not be too much concerned about this low bit rate as the only "instrument" used is the human voice so that overall sound quality still remains acceptable.
Apart for this technical consideration, the artistic content may be considered of decent/good level even though music is not performed by professional choirs.

To the best of our knowledge, all the files published on this site are only relevant to public domain music; otherwise we have obtained proper authorization from the owner to publish them. For MIDI and MP3 files we want to point out that they are not intended to (and neither can) replace high quality recordings. Please note that is not our intention to violate any copyrights therefore, should you discover that any file in this site relates to copyrighted or unauthorized material, please inform us and we'll remove it at once.


files denoted as NWC* require additional music symbols font nworn3.ttf installed to be correctly viewed with Noteworthy Composer.
Similarly, files denoted as NWC** require additional music symbols font cresc.ttf installed to be correctly viewed with Noteworthy Composer.
These fonts can be downloaded at the following addresses

  • nworn3.ttf
  • cresc.ttf
    Nworn3 font can also be downloaded here where you can also find a complete description.
    Once you have downloaded the font files, to install them on your system, click on

    ControlPanel->Fonts->File->Install new font

    and then browse to the directory where you saved the font files; in the ''List of fonts'' area you should see entries named ''NWC Extra Ornaments 3 (True Type)'' and/or ''Crescendo (True Type)'': select them and press OK: the fonts are now on your system.


    Some kind people have contributed to this site and we want to thank them: please visit their sites and/or let them know your appreciation. Here is the list of the files they sent us
  • Ensemble Claricantus "Palestrina - I vaghi fiori", "Palestrina - Sicut cervus", "Palestrina - Sitivit anima mea"
  • Franco Rondina "Las Morillas de Jaén (arrangement)"
  • Nancho Alvarez "T.L. Victoria - Pueri hebraeorum", "T.L. Victoria - Missa O magnum mysterium". Please visit his great and amazing web pages about Victoria with plenty of free PDF and MIDI files
  • Spiritual Ensemble "Amazing grace" (arr. M. Gardini), "God is so good" (arr. W. Firmino), "Somebody's knockin' at your door" (arr. G. Bottazzi), "When the Saints go marching in" (arr. W. Firmino, M. Gardini)
  • Andrea Angelini "W.A. Mozart - Ave Maria KV554", "A. Grandi - Dixit Dominus"
  • Corale Incontrocanto "Faurè - Ave Verum", "Roberti - Missa in honorem Sancti Laurentii", "Stanford - Heraclitus"
  • Pietro Mussino "Go tell it on the mountain (arrangement)", "Ave verum", "Christmas", "Un inno alla donna"
  • Pascal Bondon "John Dowland - Go crystal tears", "Josquin Desprez - Mille regrets", "Josquin Desprez - En l'ombre d'un buissonnet", "Josquin Desprez - In flagellis", "Josquin Desprez - O Domine Jesu Christe", "Tomas Luis Victoria - Popule Meus", "Tomas Luis Victoria - Vere languores"
  • Giovanni Mirabile "Ave Maria"
  • Ilaria Zuccaro "Singet dem Herrn", "O salutaris hostia", "Ein Kind gebor'n zu Betlehem", "Were you there (arrangement)", "L'isola"
  • Javier Fajardo "Canto al Sur", "Condor", "Curillo", "El carnaval", "La Guaneña", "On'ta...?", "Raiz Americana", "The Cantos", "Oda a la paz", "Peticion", "Tambores" (words by Augusto Rincon), "Hildegard von Bingen - Four sacred pieces", "El miranchurito", "Ven, ven, ven", "Solo tù", "Elegia al maestro educador", "Canto a la tierra", "Requiem ad memoriam", "Amor deliciosa mentira", "Añoranza", "Canto a la naturaleza", "Canto a la tierra", "Canto de paisannos a Maruja", "El canto inconcluso", "El carnaval", "El cuspe", "El duende del guaico", "El regreso de la Guaneña", "La niña", "O bone Jesu", "Pasto mi ciudad", "Pastusita corazon", "Somos los nariñenses", "Somos los nariñenses"
  • Hugo Landheer "Bach - Ich steh an deiner Krippe hier", "Oslander - Nun komm,der Heiden Heiland", "Tomas Luis Victoria - Ne timeas Maria"
  • Vince Brennan "John Dowland - What poor astronomers", "John Bennet - All creatures now are merry", "Thomas Morley - Fyer, fyer", "Thomas Morley - Hard by a crystal fountain", "Thomas Weelkes - O care/Hence, care!", "Giles Farnaby - Thrice blessed be the giver", "Thomas Weelkes - Thule, period of cosmography/The Andalusian merchant", "Thomas Weelkes - Come clap/Phyllis sworn"
  • M. Ryan Taylor "Antoine Busnoys - A vous sans autre"
  • Choeur Polycantus "Charles Gounod - Pater noster", "César Franck - Domine non secundum", "W.A. Mozart - Te Deum"
  • Timothy G. Cooper (Professor of Music Education Faculty of Education University of New Brunswick) "Johannes Brahms - Freiwillige her!, Gebt acht!, Geleit, Ich schwing mein Horn ins Jammertal, Marschieren", "Robert Alexander Schumann - Der träumende See, Der Zecher als Doctrinair, Die Lotusblume, Die Minnesänger, Frühlingsglocken, Rastlose Liebe", "Jean Philippe Rameau - Alleluia, blow the trumpet!", "Clemens non Papa - Tulerunt autem frates ejus", "John L. Hopkins - Hear the voice and prayer of thy servants"
  • Bakaja Zoltán "Ámára dzsívana", "Arunódaja kírtana", "Átmanivédanam", "Emona durmati", "Kánon", "Krisna dzsinka", "Krisna hé", "Parama karuna", "Srí Nitjánandástaka", "Srí Rádhiká Sztava", "Srí Sacsitanajástaka"
  • Adrian Cuello "Aleluya", "Ave Maria", "Die Nacht", "Dulce Jesus", "La navidad más bella", "Puer natus in Bethlehem"
  • Earle Peach "Bring us in good ale", "From the air", "Hail the blest morn", "Song of Amergin"
  • Reinier Maliepaard "Magnificat", "Salve Regina"
  • Guido Masini "Oh, freedom"

  • Last updated on 31 July 2015